Business Disputes

Business disputes are an unfortunate part of every profession. Even well-meaning, honest business owners and executives will face these types of challenges. This is just one of the many reasons why having a trusted business lawyer working with you is so important to running a successful operation.

A lawsuit or disagreement will take many forms, including:

  • Breach of Contract: When the terms of a contract are not fulfilled (or the other side tells you they won’t fulfill future obligations), you have a breach of contract.
  • Breach of Warranty: If your product or service doesn’t live up to its promises, you may have to defend a breach of warranty lawsuit.
  • Intellectual Property Infringement: Intellectual property infringement includes copyright, trademark and patent infringements as well as misappropriation of trade secrets and other similar charges.
  • Violation of Trade Secrets or Confidentiality Agreements: Trade secrets are commercially valuable and highly-confidential pieces of information to a company and may be protected by state and federal laws.
  • Partnership/Member/Shareholder Disputes: People are people, even if they are partners, members or shareholders of a business with you. Disputes happen. A good business attorney may be able to help you resolve disputes without litigation through alternative dispute resolution techniques. If a peaceful resolution cannot be reached and you end up in court, it’s even more important to have a good lawyer by your side.
  • Employee/Employer Disputes: There’s a long list of issues that can arise between an employee and employer, such as discrimination, sexual harassment, work-related injuries, pay and benefits, breach of employment agreements and so on. If you’re a business owner and you have employees, a checkup with an experienced business lawyer will help you identify potential liabilities and fix them before they become lawsuits.

Having an attorney by your side may allow you work through disputes without ending up in court. If a peaceful resolution cannot be reached during a dispute, your attorney can help you prepare for litigation and increase your chances of success.